It creeps in as you turn the pages of your math notebook, and it swallows you whole,
Emerges from the cracks in your teeth, the floor under blood, the spit in the hole,
Speaks of loathsome thighs, of a brain less clean, and furthermore
In agony ceases to remain in sighs, in moans dipped in chloroform, tells tales of gore
For I’ve met its father and its son, while lurking besides strong willed men
Who placed their bets on insect-kids, emerging from old fashioned beds
Aghast — the mud of the bare hands — they utter cries of meek compliance,
Daughter and mother, lay blemished, in revulsion’s ecstatic silence —
And when the wound takes colour of a gunshot sky, it talks to me of time
I used to tear down other’s walls lasciviously, until the bells would chime,
Then I would disappear; yes, I suck out anima in order to survive
Hitherto I knew not, what the punishment was going to revive;
Yet in a world of gruesome bones, I succumbed to just their so called souls
Still, as you throw the stones, let the words not lessen pain in my howls
But, daring youth, the colour vibrant, compelled they are to what I state
Know not of hatred, nor aversion, the gloomy stagnant bitter ache,
Do hear me, it wants flesh, it craves fresh tears of closed confession,
Bathes in fear, drains out the eyes, bruises the hope of own creation
And screeches, it’s an it, non-human, scratches the skin of dainty fingers,
Bits down the nails, vomits the blood, cuts into cheeks — oh, how it lingers!

Imagine: Ally Burke

Lidia Dobrea

Lidia Dobrea

Ataraxie, depersonalizare, anhedonie și toate celelalte concepte uzate. Tendințe cinice. Îmi plac oamenii distorsionați, poezia și să citesc ce e scris cu marker pe pereți.

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